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2013-09-19 04:47:47 by OneDayFamous

I'm working on a lot of Mindy stuff currently, also in about a week or two I'll have my website set up with apparel and other merch, so in the mean time ill be making more art with my new bamboo pad, if anyone is up for my merch let me know! Thoughts?



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2013-09-19 18:17:09

Merch is abit too soon, don't cha think? You should establish her some more before reachin' that step.

OneDayFamous responds:

Well it's not just going to be her, it's going to be a bunch of different art that I do, I'm trying to start my own business so it'll be merch but with various different things. Mindy will be later on after I get better at drawing her. Just wait and see it'll be great, maybe there will be stuff that you like to!