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Entry #1

New Stuff!

2013-08-18 21:26:02 by OneDayFamous

So lately I've only been uploading a piece of art every other day or so, a lot of my art is hand drawn except a few pieces I did on my computer, eventually when I get better gear I'll be uploading a lot better art for now I will be working on new pieces of art but new stuff not just a characters head, when I get around to it my art will be a hell of lot more detailed and have more in the picture, It'll just take longer to make. If you enjoy my art let me know, let me know if there is one of my characters you'd like to see more of or if you have any advice for me, I check Newgrounds everyday so I'll always read what you have to say! Hope everyone has good evening!


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2013-08-21 15:26:06

Good to hear, lookin' forward to Mindy!


2013-08-19 19:48:05

cool man keep it up :D